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At Prime Care360, we focus on patient care. Therefore, our Urgent Care Team communicates with our Primary Care Team. This partnership creates continuity of care and helps smooth communication between our healthcare workers while enabling us to develop the most complete and integrated treatment regimens for you.

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Urgent care centers are the greatest alternative for quick, on-site treatment.

Urgent care centers are the best alternative for providing rapid, on-site treatment for people with acute medical concerns that are sudden and yet require prompt attention.

When you want medical assistance but do not have time to see a doctor, there is always urgent care. It is an important tool in preserving your overall health and wellness since it gives cost effective and accessible access to great healthcare without all of those extra miles traveled when primary physicians are not available!

The Prime Care360facility can always handle unforeseen medical emergencies. Consequently, ourmost competent urgent care providers work 24/7 to ensure patients' treatment isdelivered timely and effectively, especially during this time of crisis. Our leading network of walk-in clinic centers is also staffed with well-trained and capable primary health professionals who go the extra mile, providing optimal patient care for all non-life-threatening ailments and diseases.

If you come to our emergency care facility, you can be sure of being attended to by a staff of health care practitioners who are cooperative and compassionate. Your urgent care providers are experts in doing all necessary examinations and thoroughly analyzing your symptoms to diagnose appropriately. As a result of their long-term medical experience and dedication to the needs of patients, you can rely that you are in skilled hands.


We provide treatment for a wide range of injuries and illnesses.

Minor burns and cuts
Minor broken bones
Cold or flu
Strep throat

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Urgent Care is not a replacement for an ER visit.

Patients suffering from physical injuries or life-threatening illnesses are treated at emergency rooms. ER personnel frequently handle enormous populations and must prioritize treatment for the most serious disorders.

When you are actually in need of life-saving medical care, it is critical to get to the ER. If your ailment does not put you in danger of severe harm or death, you can seek treatment at an urgent care facility such as PrimeCare360.

What are the advantages of urgent care?

Patients with non-life threatening diseases benefit from a variety of services when they visit an urgent care center. Some of the advantages of urgent care are as follows:

  • Waiting periods are kept to a minimum.

  • Cost savings.

  • On-site evaluation and treatment.

  • No need to make an appointment.

  • Comprehensive range of services (from STD testing to pneumonia treatment)