Telemedicine Calls

Are you feeling under the weather but reluctant to leave the house? Telemedicine may be the perfect solution for you. Telemedicine is meeting with a doctor from the comfort of your home, using just your computer or smartphone. It offers an excellent way to obtain care and guidance for minor illnesses like colds, flu, and more without venturing into a doctor's office. So, if you're feeling sick and hoping to stay tucked comfortably indoors, consider booking a convenient telemedicine appointment today.

For Prime Care 360, we know the importance of providing ongoing healthcare services to patients since they facilitate treatment. To aid in tackling the patient’s needs in the areas of Allen, Frisco, and their vicinity, we have developed a strong telemedicine demonstration. The value-added telemedicine platform that we have developed allows you to consult with our expert healthcare workers from the place you favor, whether in your office or from your home, without the hassle of the traditional physical waiting rooms.

Telemedicine in the Allen and Frisco regions will take the initiative to help you make the best decisions about the healthcare system while keeping patients' needs in mind. With secure video conferencing, our highly specialized staff of general practitioners and other advisors is at your complete disposal. They will further evaluate your symptoms and ask you for a medical history to make yourcase.


The Conditions and Care Available Through Telemedicine

Telemedicine provides a valuable way to expand access to quality healthcare from home. Patients can receive services including but not limited to:
General health assessments and preventative care guidance
Sexual health and reproductive care consultations
Ongoing monitoring and management of chronic diseases
Treatment for minor acute injuries and common illnesses
Dermatology appointments to review skin conditions
Cardiology consultations for heart health
Allergy and immunology specialist appointments
Customized programs for meeting weight goals

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Preparing for Your Virtual Consultation

How to Join Your Scheduled Video Call Appointment


Log In Early

Sign into your Patient Portal account ahead of time. If unable to access it, use the email link as your access point.


Click to Join Locate

Click to Join Locate and click the "Join Video Appointment" button in your Portal dashboard or email. Provide requested registration details.


Check Connection & Camera Hit

Check Connection & Camera Hit "Proceed" so we can test the system speed and webcam functionality required for the visit. If you lack a webcam, you will need to install one.


Wait for your Provider

Enter the Virtual Waiting Room. Click the "Begin Video Visit" button to be placed into the virtual waiting space. Your provider will then start and later end the virtual face-to-face consultation.

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