A primary and urgent care provider

Prime Care360 is proudto be the primary and urgent care provider to the engaging Frisco, TX community and the entire region. Serving the community and our mission, we are staffed bya team of skilled and caring primary care providers and urgent care physicians focused on providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare that fits yourneeds.

If you want a full-service healthcare facility, our primary and urgent care providers in Frisco are qualified and dedicated to building long-term bonds with patients. A medical expert will listen carefully, conduct a thorough history, and design a personalized approach toward your health. This way, one remains healthy all through. Our practice has many more options, from essential checkups, prescribed screening, chronic disease treatment, and seniors to many other facilities. In addition, all age groups are covered.

In addition to the regular list of essential health care services, Prime Care360 offers urgent care on track and calls in Frisco after hours. Our well-trained urgent care team of physicians efficiently treats non-fatal conditions such as injuries, illnesses, and infections that require immediate medical attention.

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