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At Prime Care360, we acknowledge that catching diseases early and preserving emergency care are two things that need to be done when dealing with the spread of the corona virus disease. Therefore, we provide a range of test options. This enables us to identify potential cases and apply the necessary treatment plans quickly.

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What care do we provide

Our Services Include


Quick and convenient testing for travel, school, or work with digital resultsTesting options for those with or without symptoms or insurance


Moderna, Pfizer, and booster vaccinations available. First, second, and booster dose COVID-19 shots

No matter your situation, we aim to make healthcare accessible and hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your test or vaccine.

We offer a broad range of COVID-19 care services

Antigen | $50
Antibody | $15
Antigen and Flu | $70
Antigen and Antibody | $50
RT-PCR with QR CODE | $120
Moderna and Pfizer vaccine
1st, 2nd or booster dose of the vaccine

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COVID-19 Testing for All Needs

Primecare360 provides COVID-19 testing for anyone who requires it - whether you have symptoms or need a test for travel, work, or school.

We offer on-site RT-PCR tests with results (including a QR code) in at least 2 hours. The test involves a quick, mildly uncomfortable nasal swab that takes seconds.

Our convenient testing is suitable for those currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms like fever, cough, or shortness of breath and asymptomatic individuals who need a test to travel, return to work/school, or confirm COVID-19 status.

No doctor's referral is required. Contact us to learn more or book your rapid on-site COVID-19 test today.

To enable the population residing in Allen, Frisco, and worldwide to have easy access to the necessary and accurate care for COVID-19, we are determined and reliable for this. As the world strives to deal with the numerous problems the COVID-19 pandemic hasposed, healthcare providers continue to respond to emergencies expeditiously, appropriately, and compassionately.

Our clinics in Allen and Frisco offer facilities incorporating the latest methods and approaches to examine and manage COVID-19 patients. Our team of​ primary care physicians and specialists is highly skilled and inclusive​. They provide patients with the most relevant, currently​ underused, best treatment option sand are up-to-date, utilizing guidelines and practices advised by leading health organizations​.